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Burkini with skirt


Burkini with 3-piece striped skirt, shaping leggings and accessories.

The Modest Marinière Swimsuit is a very chic swim set featuring beautiful refined stripes, a high quality fabric print and the option to wear it with or without a belt.

  • Swim leggings with a shaping effect.
  • Straight skirt with a small slit on the side.
  • Belt for versatile style.
  • Blue and white bath turban.

Designed for all women, this swimsuit provides full coverage while remaining stylish and comfortable.

This modest swimsuit has a chic and versatile style, with refined stripes, a shaping effect in the leggings and modern cuts in the straight skirt and the swimsuit.

The set can be customized with or without the included belt, ensuring a fashionable and comfortable fit.

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  • Wash cold (preferably by hand), max 30°
  • Use the delicate program
  • Moderate spin
  • No tumble drying
  • Washing-up liquid
  • No softener
  • Do not iron
  • Steam ironing
Burkini jupe marinière

The marinière burkini with skirt by MelianaK

Discover innovation in the world of modest swimwear avec le burkini avec jupe by MelianaK. Designed for women of all beliefs and sizes, from teenagers to seniors, this swimsuit combines style, comfort and respect for personal values.

Result of a unique design

The MelianaK burkini with skirt stands out for its sophisticated design: a sailor-striped bikini top, accompanied by shaping leggings and a straight burkini swim skirt. This set offers a sleek silhouette while ensuring modest coverage.

Our burkini skirt offers customization options, including a removable belt, to perfectly adapt to your style and body shape.

A protective fabric for your greatest happiness

Each skirted burkini incorporates high-tech features like UPF50+ UV protection and quick-drying fabric, keeping you comfortable and safe in the sun. True to our commitments, we adopt sustainable manufacturing to minimize our ecological footprint.

Choose MelianaK for a burkini that suits you

At MelianaK, each piece is created with care and attention, reflecting our dedication to combining aesthetics, comfort and respect for individual values. Embrace your individuality with a skirted burkini designed to celebrate diversity and inclusion.

Join MelianaK community and discover modest swimwear that offers you style, protection and freedom. Your next adventure awaits just you and your elegant burkini with skirt by MelianaK.

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