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Modern modest swimwear


Modern modest swimwear with swim leggings, a slit skirt, a long-sleeved swimsuit top and a belt and a matching turban.

The Lina modern modest swimwear is an elegant and chic set that combines style and sophistication.

La jupe droite présente une petite fente sur le côté et peut être portée avec ou sans la ceinture incluse pour des options de style polyvalentes.

  • Swim leggings with a shaping effect.
  • Jupe droite avec une petite fente latérale.
  • Swimsuit with front zipper.
  • Belt for a personalized style.
  • Bath turban in the color of your outfit.

Designed for all women, this swimsuit provides full coverage while remaining stylish and comfortable.

Lina modern modest swimwear offers a sleek and chic design, with a straight skirt featuring a subtle side slit for a touch of modern elegance.

The set offers various styling options, allowing you to personalize your beach look.

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  • Wash cold (preferably by hand), max 30°
  • Use the delicate program
  • Moderate spin
  • No tumble drying
  • Washing-up liquid
  • No softener
  • Do not iron
  • Steam ironing

The modern modest swimsuit by MelianaK

Designed for today's woman who seeks to combine convictions and current trends, the modern modest swimwear Lina is an ode to sophistication and elegance in the world of the burkini.

The revolutionary swimwear for the modern woman

This swimwear model represents the very essence of the modern women's burkini. With its elegant straight skirt, embellished with a discreet slit on the side, this burkini offers unparalleled freedom of movement and versatility. Wear it with or without the belt to vary the pleasures and styles, depending on the occasion and your mood.

High UV protection and eco-responsible commitment

Each modern swimwear signed MelianaK is synonymous with refinement and innovation. “Lina” benefits from UPF50+ protection, protecting you from the sun's harmful rays, while its quick-drying fabric ensures long-lasting comfort, even after long hours spent in the water. Designed with a sustainable manufacturing approach, “Lina” is the embodiment of our commitment to a greener future.

The modern swimwear to have in 2024

Anticipating modern luxury swimwear trends, this burkini is a must-have for the 2024 season. It brilliantly combines modernity and modesty, offering women a modest and modern swimsuit option that does not compromise on elegance or modesty.

Burkini moderne pour toutes les femmes
Chez MelianaK, nous croyons en la beauté de la diversité. C'est pourquoi le burkini moderne Lina a été pensé pour s'adapter à toutes les femmes, de l'adolescente à la senior, dans toutes les tailles. C'est le burkini moderne par excellence, conçu pour chaque femme qui souhaite exprimer sa personnalité unique tout en restant fidèle à ses valeurs.

When swimwear resonates with timeless style

Opt for the Lina modern modest swimwear and let yourself be seduced by a burkini that delicately combines tradition and innovation. MelianaK is your ally for seaside fashion that respects your convictions without ever compromising on style and modernity. Welcome to the era of the modern burkini 2024, where every woman finds something to suit her.

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