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Women's modest swimsuit


Burkini chic – jupe portefeuille asymétrique, body à bandes verticales en relief, ceinture et turban assortis

Bleu, Violet, Vert pastel, Orange, Noir, Bleu canard

Covering and modest burkini: Our burkini offers full coverage, ideal for the woman looking for a modest and elegant swimsuit.

Modern fit: With clean lines and an asymmetrical skirt, this modern burkini is perfect for those looking for a burkini swimsuit that is both chic and discreet.

  • Shaping swim leggings for a perfect fit.
  • Asymmetrical wrap skirt for a modern touch.
  • Swimsuit with embossed vertical stripes for an elegant look.
  • Integrated belt to emphasize the silhouette.
  • Bath turban matching the color of your ensemble for a complete style.

Designed for all women, this swimsuit provides full coverage while remaining stylish and comfortable.

This women's modest swimsuit with skirt highlights a modern design, elegant lines, and a carefully designed cut to create a beach outfit that is both chic and contemporary.

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  • Wash cold (preferably by hand), max 30°
  • Use the delicate program
  • Moderate spin
  • No tumble drying
  • Washing-up liquid
  • No softener
  • Do not iron
  • Steam ironing


Fast drying

Sustainable manufacturing

Created and designed with care by MelianaK

Chic modest swimsuit with skirt

Discover the essence of chic modesty with MelianaK's women's modest swimsuit with skirt, designed for those seeking style and coverage. MelianaK is committed to offering swimsuits that respect the beliefs of each woman, by offering designs that combine modernity and modesty, accessible to everyone, from teenagers to seniors, and for all sizes.

Innovative and elegant design

The modest MelianaK swimsuit with skirt stands out for its modern design and clean lines. Inspired by the modest skirted swimsuit trend, this set offers an elegant alternative for those who want a chic, full-coverage beach outfit. With its carefully designed cut, it not only ensures adequate coverage but also a flattering silhouette for all body shapes.

Advanced comfort for a peaceful vacation

Each modest swimsuit from MelianaK comes with premium features for optimal comfort in all circumstances. With UPF50+ protection, you get excellent sun protection, while the quick-drying fabric ensures you stay dry and comfortable whether you're getting out of the water or just soaking up the sun. MelianaK's commitment to sustainable manufacturing also ensures that each swimsuit contributes to protecting the environment.

A protective fabric for your greatest happiness

Each skirted burkini incorporates high-tech features like UPF50+ UV protection and quick-drying fabric, keeping you comfortable and safe in the sun. True to our commitments, we adopt sustainable manufacturing to minimize our ecological footprint.

MelianaK: The destination for modest swimsuit with skirt

MelianaK embodies the perfect fusion of modesty, style and functionality, offering women a range of swimwear that respects their values ​​without compromising on trend and comfort. Each modest swimsuit for women is a celebration of individuality, designed with passion and attention to detail.

Opt for MelianaK and embrace a swimsuit that combines coverage and elegance, designed specifically for those who value modesty without renouncing modernity. Discover MelianaK's modest women's swimsuit and redefine your beach fashion experience with style, comfort and confidence.

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