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The modest swimsuit that suits you

Enjoy the sun with a full body burkini swimsuit

Our modest swimwear are MelianaK creations designed for every woman, from teenager to senior woman, embracing all sizes, from slimmer to plus size.

MelianaK is aimed at women of all beliefs, because skin protection and modesty is a choice specific to each woman.

You will inevitably find the best modest swimwear adapted to your expectations.

Dare to feel confident chic free proud in your modest swimwear

Modest Swimwear

*Available in all colors
and all sizes

Customer reviews

MelianaK modest swimwear

"Melianak, where beauty meets protection. Unique modest swimwear, designed to embrace the diversity of every woman while providing unparalleled coverage and elegance. Join our community and celebrate confidence, comfort and individuality at every dive."

Kimonos & paréos

*Available in all colors
and all sizes

The inclusive modest swimsuit

Our collection is a celebration of diversity, with modest swimwear suitable for women and teens, all designed with attention to detail.

From the modest swim dress to the modern cut of a modest hijab swimsuit, each piece combines elegance and full coverage, without ever sacrificing your elegance.

Because modest fashion is universal.

Melianak swimwear

Escape the everyday

More than a swimsuit, a second skin

Modesty and protection
anti UV

Each modest swimsuit in our collection is unique, thought out and designed then designed with the greatest care.

Enjoy the sun peacefully: Your swimsuit features UPF50+ technology for optimal sun protection, and quick drying for a smooth transition from the water's edge to daily activities.

Perfect for the beach, the pool or even a stroll, our burkinis offer a modern, elegant style that never goes unnoticed.

The centerpiece of your vacation

Chacun de nos maillots de bains, du deux au trois pièces sont pensés pour vous apporter le confort et la protection maximale. Profitez de burkinis qui de collent pas, comme une seconde peau. 

You will find chic swim skirts, swim tunics, shapewear leggings and hijabs.

Discover our online store and reveal your elegance!

Modest swimwear: Your questions

Modest swimwear provides more coverage than standard swimsuits. They may feature longer hemlines, higher necklines, sleeves, and pants (or leggings). Also called burkinis, they are aimed at all women looking for a swimsuit that covers the body for religious or personal reasons. From teenage women to older women.

Your modest swimsuit is the centerpiece of your vacation. If you are looking for a swimsuit that fits you like a second skin, is anti-UV and is a unique creation, Melianak is the brand that suits you.

You can buy your swimsuit online in the store,

Our boutique specializing in modest swimwear delivers to you all over the world, from France to the UK via Canada.

Modest swimwear are swimsuits designed to cover more of the body than traditional swimsuits. It's not just about modest, full-coverage swimwear; it’s also about feeling comfortable and confident in what you wear. Modest swimwear ranges from two-piece swimsuits to swim dresses, and is for all women

Join the modest elegance movement with Melianak

Be part of a community that values ​​chic modesty. With Melianak you are not just choosing a swimsuit, but a statement of your discreet elegance and individuality.

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