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Discover the range of sun protective swimwear by MelianaK, specially designed for women looking for protection, comfort and style. Whether you are concerned about sun protection for health reasons, such as cancer, or you are simply looking to protect your skin, MelianaK offers a solution with its collection of sun protective swimwear for women.

Swim tunic

Double UV protection, Style Included

Our anti-UV swimsuits for women are designed to offer optimal protection against the sun's harmful rays, without compromising elegance. Each anti-UV women's swimsuit is made from UPF50+ certified fabrics ensuring high UPF protection.

For those with specific cancer-related concerns, our women's UV swimwear provides an added barrier against UV rays.

Protection for every woman

Whether you prefer a one-piece anti-UV swimsuit for women for its simplicity and comfort or whether you opt for a 2 piece anti UV swimsuit or 3 pièces for more versatility, MelianaK has what you need.

Our collection includes anti-UV long-sleeved swimsuits and anti-UV swimsuit tops for women, perfect for extended protection for a worry-free vacation.

Why choose MelianaK sun protective swimwear ?

  1. Full Protection: Each UV swimwear provides extensive coverage to protect against UVA and UVB rays.
  2. Comfort and style: Our sun protective women's swimsuits combine comfort and modern design to make you feel beautiful and comfortable.
  3. Variety of models: From one-piece anti-UV swimsuits for women to long-sleeve anti-UV swimsuits, our range meets all needs.
  4. Commitment to health: Our anti-UV swimsuits for women with cancer offer additional protection for sensitive skin.

Embrace the sun with confidence with MelianaK

With MelianaK, enjoy the sun without compromise.

Our anti-UV long sleeve swimsuits for women and our 2-piece anti-UV swimsuits for women are designed to offer you the best protection, whether you are looking for an outfit for swimming, surfing, or simply enjoying the beach. Women of all sizes will find what they're looking for in our selection, including those looking for plus size UV-protective swimsuits.

Say yes to protection, style, and comfort with UV protection swimsuits from MelianaK. Explore our collection and find the perfect anti-UV swimsuit for your next outing in the sun. Protect your skin with elegance and confidence, thanks to MelianaK.

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